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About Backpack Comics

Backpack Comics was founded to provide opportunities for diverse voices with original stories about people of color. The creative talent of BACKPACK COMICS represent an augmented level of creativity, imagination, and storytelling to deliver to you astonishing tales an adventures.

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Twelve-year-old twins, Protan and Neutrina, struggle through the system after being orphaned. Their mother died during childbirth and their father, a scientist who worked for the military, vanished without a trace. Placed in foster care, they run away constantly. A GENERAL, who their father reported to, has had them under constant surveillance since their father disappeared. He never fully trusted their father’s commitment to creating a super soldier serum, so as a backup he secretly stole and funneled his research to a less talented, but more committed Dr. Liezle. Liezle experiments on runaways snatched from the streets. A survivor of Dr. Liezle’s experiments, TWISTER, discarded and thought dead, desires revenge against Dr. Liezle. He attacks and terrorizes the city. The twins battle Twister and unknown aspects of their powers surface with a bang. Their mission, since the discovery of their powers, protect the lost, abandoned, and forgotten children of the world.